Acorn Rentals – Website Privacy Policy

This web site is owned and operated by Acorn Rentals. By using this site, you agree to the Internet Privacy Policy “Policy” of this web site, which is set out on this web site page. The Policy relates to the collection and use of personal information you may supply to us through your conduct on the web site. This Policy is in addition to any other terms and conditions applicable to the web site. We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of information from customers and visitors to our website. This is particularly the case for information that is capable of identifying an individual referred to as “personal information”.

Personal Information

    1. Personal information is collected only when necessary to provide you with rental car services, to evaluate whether you meet the criteria to be provided with rental car services, or to recover rental car expenses on your behalf.
    2. The kind of personal information collected and held includes: your name, address, and contact phone numbers (as the car owner); the name, address, and contact phone numbers of the car driver (if different from the owner); the date, time and location of the relevant car accident; details of your insurer and the policy number of your insurance policy; and details of the insurance policy of the owner of the other vehicle involved in the accident.
    3. Personal information is used for the primary purpose that it is submitted, or for essential secondary purposes related to the primary purpose. Copies of correspondence sent from the web site may be stored as archives for record-keeping and back-up purposes.
    4. Personal information may be disclosed to insurance companies for the purpose of seeking recovery of rental car expenses on your behalf.
    5. We may receive your personal information from motor vehicle repair workshops and related businesses, where you have expressly authorised these businesses to pass on your personal information to Acorn Rentals.
    6. Personal information may be disclosed to our legal representatives, the Courts, and the opposing side’s legal representatives for the purpose of seeking legal recovery of rental car expenses, or as is ordered the Court.
    7. Personal information may be disclosed to government regulatory and law enforcement authorities, where this is required by Australian law (Federal, State, Territory or Local – as applicable).
    8. We may need to engage third parties to provide you with goods and services on our behalf. If this is required, we may disclose your personal information to those third parties in order to provide you with the required goods and services.


    1. We will take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information that you provide us with online.
    2. Acorn Rentals employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of any of your personal information held by us. They will only disclose your information in accordance with this Policy, and the Acorn Rentals Terms and Conditions (where you have accepted these).

Access to Information

    1. We will take all reasonable steps to correctly record the personal information that you provide to us.
    2. You may contact us on 1300 226 767 to check whether your personal information is correctly recorded. If any of the information is incorrect, and this is brought to our attention, then we will promptly correct our records.


  1. We may provide links to other web sites which provide information or services of relevance. We have no control over linked websites, and expressly declaim any responsibility for their operation. If you wish to disclose your personal information to any other web site, you should review their privacy policy, and their terms and conditions of use. We do not warrant the security or reliability of any linked website.
  2. If you require further information about the regulation of privacy and the security of personal information in Australia, then we advise you to visit the web site of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, which can be found at

This Policy has been specifically draft for and provided to Acorn Rentals by their legal representative, Sage Solicitors.